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Join God's work with your Gifts

RiverWind Inc.  215 Bay View Rd. Suite 150-10

Mukwonago, WI 53149

Whether it is King David giving personally from his financial resources to build the temple, or setting an example that the people of God followed (I Chronicles 29:14-18), the Apostle Paul asking for gifts from the churches in Corinth (2 Corinthians 8:10-12), Rome (Romans 15:23-29), Phillipi (Philippians 4:14-19), or Jesus himself, speaking about where our treasures are invested (Matthew 6:19-21), the Bible speaks plainly to us about the grace of giving to a grace-giving God.

RiverWind has two centers of ministry:  Pucallpa, the gateway to the Amazon Basin of Peru.  All traffic - upriver and downriver, private and commercial - leaves from Pucallpa.  There are no roads other than often impassible logging roads on the eastern side of the river bordering Brazil.  As with any organization, we have recurring administrative expenses through our office in Pucallpa.  We also have costs for all the ministry at the Tahuania Training Center in Nuevo Italia, 285 miles by river.  Staff, training facilities, office equipment and supplies, communications, training events, travel – all are heightened by the remote regions where RIverWind endeavors to reach the least-and-unreached with the gospel.

Approximately 40% of our budget comes from personal gifts from God's people.  About 30% comes from supporting churches; the final 30% from occasional foundation grants.  World Bank statistics tell us that the annual per capita GDP in the U.S. amounts to $54,500 (2017).  Peru's amounted to $15,400 last year.  However, upriver in the economically marginalized communities the annual GDP per each individual is a mere $70.  People eat tomorrow on the fish and farm products they can harvest today.  Pray with us for the funds to conduct Leadership Transformation, Community Development and Environmental Stewardship.